Young Minds Tackle Challenges Of Alzheimer’s


Experience 12 Minutes in Alzheimer’s Dementia

It can be very hard for someone without Alzheimer’s to understand what it feels like for someone who does have this disease. In this video, two people without Alzheimer’s undergo a twelve minute simulation of life with Alzheimer’s to better understand how difficult daily tasks can be when a person is also struggling with Alzheimer’s, and why the victims of this disease need loving support.

3 Basic Stress Management Techniques (From 10-Year Old Mallie)

Simple steps for relaxation…I’m sure we all could put these to good use now and then!

The Casual Conversationalist

Back in a time before the internet was actually useful and safe for a child to explore unsupervised (pre-parental controls in the 1990s), I liked to read encyclopedias and other reference books for fun. I admire little Mallie’s patience and concentration, as the thought of doing that today is incredibly boring, despite my preference for non-fiction books.

My parents had a medical reference book that taught how to treat various minor aches and illnesses at home. Even as a child, I was drawn to the stress management section. In retrospect, I suppose this should have been a red flag about my chronic anxiety issues that weren’t discovered for another 15 years, but I was a generally curious kid.

I’ve learned a lot about stress management from various workshops and literature I obtained in grad school and in therapy…oh, and from the internet. But these basic techniques that I integrated as…

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Reducing Anxiety

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These awesome little tips are great for anyone who might be feeling stressed right now.

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Reducing Anxiety

I found this on BuzzFeed a while ago and I found it really helpful. As someone who has suffered panic attacks in the past, I know it can be really hard to calm yourself down when you feel really anxious. When I saw this I wrote down the different things in my journal and now I refer to it whenever I feel like I am getting anxiety. These things are also great for people who don’t suffer from anxiety but just need a little pick me up.

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The Higher Purpose of Doodling

Drawing is a great outlet for our emotions and a way to get deeper in touch with ourselves. Writing and reading are on the list, too.

Out of a Great Need

When our older daughter struggles with anxiety, out come the black felt tip markers…she doodles…often using Zentangle…she usually focuses on words, phrases, quotes, lyrics, poetry…it helps her tremendously.
Enjoy a couple of her doodles below.


She even doodles over collages and paintings. 🙂

IMG_20140316_185303art journal

And what music plays in the background?  Here is a favorite of hers…she even bought the album for her dad.

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